Arkansas Flamewinds

Session 1 - There be Dragons!

Rifts session 1 was epic! With a glitter boy, ley line Walker, cyber knight, dog boy, and dragon; the group was a little stacked. We start off with the group sans dragon stumbling across a dragon egg being attacked by coalition goons. The group as a whole destroy the bad guys with the dragon taking 2 wounds. After a quick healing job by the cyber knight the dragon decides to join the group and the tomorrow legion!

Fast forward a month and the "Arkansas Flamewinds" head for a routine inspection of a logging town for castle refuge. Along the way they find a group of skelebots and a couple of coalition grunts mugging the injured loggers. Some beaver looking d-bees. The Flamewinds make a plan….(45 minutes of these kids planning there attack in character! Not bad for kids 10 and under!).

The dragon shape changed into a falcon to scout ahead, sees the situation and uses telepathy to inform the ley line Walker. He hatches a plan… The dragon shape changes to look like a skelebot and walks up on one of the skelebot guards and grapples him. Shakes him and takes him prone. The dog boy who was trained in all sorts of espionage, has computer hacking and proceeds to dramatic task a hack job to force shutdown the skelebot vis emergency protocol. Success!!!!

As soon as they are shut down the ley line Walker teleports the cyber knight next to one of the grunts and drops prone, the cyber knight slices the grunt in two, and the glittery uses his laser rifle and shakes the remaining grunt. The next round the ley line Walker uses entangle to bind the remaining grunt and the dragon uses mind reading to find out how many more troops there are. Flawless perfectly executed plan…. I didn't even get to go! The rest of the session was just as epic, fast paced and fun. The group won the day and protected the town, and at the end, the players loved rifts, decided it should be a campaign, and they want to keep the pregens for themselves!!!

I guess I better start prepping session 2…. What will be next for the Arkansas Flamewinds!

Caleb​​ – ley line Walker "Prophet"
Hudson – Baby Dragon "Sparky"
Weston – dog boy "WestWolf"
Kelson – glitter boy "Deathly"
Micah – "Sir Bob" the cyber knight ( don't call me Sir Robert! )


JoeGun JoeGun

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